Qualifications Framework (QF) Related Accreditation

HKCAAVQ is appointed under the Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications Ordinance (Cap. 592) as the Accreditation Authority and Qualifications Register (QR) Authority under the Hong Kong Qualifications Framework (HKQF).  It is empowered to conduct accreditation activities for academic and vocational operators and their associated education and training programmes and assessment agencies.


Qualifications awarded by a non-self-accrediting operator must be accredited by HKCAAVQ if they wish to have them recognised under the HKQF and listed on the QR. It is mandatory for non-self-accrediting institutions to seek accreditation if they offer the following local awards: Associate Degree, Higher Diploma, Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degrees.


List of Accredited Programmes and Operators 

Programmes accredited by HKCAAVQ are eligible to enter into the QR within a validity period, for recognition under the HKQF.


Operators awarded Programme Area Accreditation (PAA) status by HKCAAVQ may develop and operate learning programmes within an approved programme area at the approved QF level or lower levels. Programmes operated by operators awarded PAA status by HKCAAVQ are eligible to enter into the QR throughout the validity period, without going through Learning Programme Accreditation and Learning Programme Re-accreditation.


List of operators awarded PAA status by HKCAAVQ


HKCAAVQ-accredited operators and their accredited programmes (visit HKQR Website)


Currently, our accreditation services cover the following:


QF-related services

  • Accreditation of Hong Kong operators and their academic and vocational and professional programmes leading to recognition under the HKQF
  • Accreditation of collaboration of local and non-local institutions and their non-local programmes leading to recognition under the HKQF
  • Accreditation of Assessment Agencies for Recognition of Prior Learning (AARPL) and accreditation of Assessment Agencies for Professional Qualifications (AAPQ)