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QFQR4U - QR Promotion Campaign 2022
QFQR4U – 資歷名冊推廣計劃2022
2022.7.6 - 2022.12.31



HKCAAVQ, in collaboration with the Qualifications Framework Secretariat, launches the QR Promotion Campaign 2022.


Theme of the campaign is QFQR4U – QR is your partner for planning your future, highlighting the key purpose of “QF and QR for you” to help formulating your planning for future studies and careers.


With the different elements encompassed in the campaign, HKCAAVQ aims to enhance stakeholders’ understanding and familiarity with the Qualifications Framework (QF) and Qualifications Register (QR), and to strengthen the connection with and involvement of stakeholders in the promotion of QF and QR.


There are four key events to be organised in the campaign this year. Each event has its own focus and stakeholder groups involved. The four key events are:


Video Production Competition




Awarding Ceremony


Campaign Highlights


Details of each event can be found in its own webpage.


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