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Accreditation (For both Academic and Vocational and Professional Accreditations)
1. Manual for the Four-stage Quality Assurance Process under HKQF


History of changes 
2. Guidance Notes on Substantial Change to Accreditation  PDF History of changes
3. Policy on Extension of Learning Programme Validity Period  PDF History of changes
4. Policy and Advisory Notes on Cessation of Operations and Teach-out Arrangements for Cessation of Accredited Programmes  PDF History of changes
5. Code of Conduct for Panels PDF History of changes
6. Policy and Guidelines on Observing Accreditation Site Visit  PDF History of changes
7. Accreditation Activity Arrangements in Times of Typhoons and Rainstorms  PDF  
8. Revised Generic Level Descriptors (2018 version) HKQF Website  

9. Programme Area Accreditation (PAA)


Terms of Reference


Panel Membership


List of operators awarded PAA status


Classification of Areas of Study and Training in the Qualifications Register & List of Sub-areas and Illustrative Scope Statements


Area of Study and Training and Sub-area for the Qualifications Register (with Examples of Subject Matter) 

10. Review
i. Application Form for Review of Accreditation Determination and/or Decisions under the HKCAAVQ Ordinance (Cap. 1150) (April 2016)

ii. Principles and Procedural Rules for Review Committees Established by the Council under Cap. 1150


Application Form


Principles and Procedural Rules