Tailor-made In-house Training for Operators

HKCAAVQ is appointed as the Accreditation Authority under the Hong Kong Qualification Framework (HKQF). At the same time, providing relevant training about the HKQF and accreditation is one of the statutory functions of HKCAAVQ. The HKQF is underpinned by a robust quality assurance mechanism. Through training, HKCAAVQ endeavors to promote the quality culture of institutions/organisations, and to encourage them to continuously enhance their internal quality mechanism for ensuring the quality of their learning programmes that meet the requirements of HKQF.


In addition to offering regular training activities, HKCAAVQ also offers tailor-made training to meet the particular training needs of institutions/organisations. Content and themes of training are generally related to quality assurance and accreditation under the HKQF, such as outcome-based education. The format of training delivery is flexible and can be through briefings, seminars, simulation workshops or webinars etc. In general, the duration of the training activity is 3 hours or longer, and the activities are charged on a cost-recovery basis.


Some of the topics of tailor-made training delivered by HKCAAVQ in the past are provided below:


  • Briefing on HKQF and HKCAAVQ Accreditation
  • Developing Statements of Learning Outcomes
  • Preparation for IE & LPA
  • Outcomes-based Learning Programmes Design
  • Preparation for Re-LPA
  • Determining QF Levels
  • Preparation for PAA
  • Use of Credit under QF
  • Preparation for PIR
  • Internal Quality Assurance
  • LPA & Re-LPA of Associate Degree & Higher Diploma Programmes
  • Development and Accreditation of SCS-based & VQP Programmes


If you have any enquiries, please contact Mr. Chan at 3658 0156 or email to



To allow sufficient time for preparation, the delivery date of tailor-made training has to be confirmed by mutual agreement.